What is enclosed auto shipping?

Enclosed auto shipping refers to any form of shipment of an automobile where the vehicle is covered.  This can be with a hard sided truck with metal walls or as simple as a soft sided truck which utilizes heavy tarps to cover the vehicles.

The benefits of enclosed shipping
  • Vehicle is protected from the elements.  Especially in the winter, when there is the threat of hail or snow.
  • Your vehicle stays clean and pristine.  On the open road dirt, salt and rocks, kick up from the ground. Bugs and dust cake everything.
  • White glove treatment.  The drivers are trained and tested loading and unloading luxury vehicles.  The cars are generally strapped down on the tires ensuring no scratches.
Why does enclosed shipping cost more?

Enclosed auto shipping generally costs more then open auto transport.  The enclosed trailers are smaller then the open trailers.  Open trailers fit between 3 and 11 cars, while enclosed between 1 and 8 cars.  This keeps the costs higher.  The drivers on the enclosed trailers are highly trained and demand higher payments for their white glove services.  And, finally the insurance is usually higher to cover the higher worth cars.  The premiums are higher for the insurance and therefore the costs to ship enclosed are higher.

Hard Sided vs. Soft Sided

Hard sided & Soft Sided enclosed carriers, both provide the same protections for your vehicle.  Some people prefer hard sided, because it gives them a greater sense of security that their vehicle will not be damaged en route, however both options protect the vehicles.

Lift Gates & Race Ramps

Lift Gates & Race Ramps are used on the most exclusive trucks.  They are necessary for vehicles with very low ground clearance.  They will allow a vehicle with a ground clearance as low as a couple inches to be loaded onto our car carriers.  For more more detailed information on our lift gates and race ramps click here to see our detailed explanation.

Should I choose enclosed auto transportation?

This is really a personal decision that you have to decide. It depends on the level of service you want to receive when shipping your vehicle.  If you want to spend the extra for the white glove service then definitely ask your trained representative about our enclosed options.